Wednesday 3 April 2013

CatBot FREE Voice Command Buddy

    By now there are plenty of apps that listen and talk back to you. How about one that combines/dresses up as a cute kitty cat? Introducing CatBot, a FREE Smartphone app similar to Siri. Although it's not up to Siri in capability it can be more enjoyable for children with the animal appearance. It's easy to use. Press the button to talk, then speak to it. It will then respond back in a robotic voice. 

   There is room for improvement however. The voice sound effects and listening window sound and look exactly like the default Android voice command features.
Although this Android app does more than apps that just repeat what you just said back to you, it could maybe copy a little of what they do. Often times those apps change the voice (ranging from a little to a lot and sometimes funny). CatBot has taken some steps to differentiate itself, but a few more steps wouldn't hurt. 

CatBot is FREE on Google Play. Download it here. Perhaps your little ones will enjoy it. Just watch out as they may become co-owners of your phone...if they haven't already.


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