Tuesday 16 April 2013

PSY plays Candy Crush Saga (App Review included)

Is PSY Playing Candy Crush? You bet he is! Which got us to wondering:

What level was PSY playing Candy Crush Saga in his new Music Video "GentleMan"?

 Answer - PSY was on level 46 of Candy Crush Saga in the Gentleman MV. As to whether or not he really plays or if that was his real level I cannot say.

The King of Gangnam Style and current King of Apps promote each other.

     The "Gentleman" music video has become the most watched Youtube video with 22 million in it's first 24 hours. That's doubled the previous record holder's Justin Beiber with his "Beauty and a Beat" ft Niki Minaj. PSY's mv was released on April 13th 2013 and it currently has 66 million views at the start of this writing. (I didn't check the time).  Don't expect it to be Gangnam Style caliber though. Although still funny and random, it's less epic and has too much adult oriented scenes and movements for children around the world to be watching.(Thanks for the tip Josh-I'm going to watch this ASAP-Duwain)

    Now onto the FREE smartphone app. Since we haven't covered Candy Crush Saga and it's clearly been a game that has been trending I thought it's be a good a time as any to cover it a little. I've also gotten myself stuck on level 30. Might as well do something productive as I wait for the lives to accumulate. It takes 30 minutes to get one free life. Candy Crush is currently the top 3rd most downloaded free app on Google Play behind Facebook and Pandora internet radio. It's also the top grossing (#1) Android app It's also available on iTunes for iOS. I haven't played Bejeweled for years and don't remember it's gameplay but at first glance Candy Crush reminds me of Bejeweled. At second glance it reminded me of Super Gem Fighter (Street Fighter Version). Candy Crush Saga uses a well designed Candyland artwork theme with extremely smooth graphics and sound effects. Sparkles, chings, and an announcer add to your gaming experience along with a little cutscene (I believe) every 10 levels.

How to Play?
Slide one candy in an up, down, left, or right direction to switch spots between the two candy.
The move is valid if that move makes a connection of 3 or more of the same colored candy. If the move is invalid, the candies will return back to their original positions and the move will not be counted. Overall I don't know if there is much skill to the game until later. For me it's mostly luck so I am sad to report I have no clues, hints, cheats, or tips. There are over 200 levels to play.

Special Candies:  
Striped Candie : 4 in a row. Upon exploding  it will clear straight up and down or left and right.
Wrapped Candie : matching 5 in an L or T shape
Color Bomb :  Match 5 in a row.  Doesn't need to be matched to explode. It will explode all of the color that you switch it with. If the switched candie is a special candy then all the candy with the same color turn into special candy and blow up vertically or horizontally.
Combining a wrapped candy and a striped candy will turn into a larger candy and explode in a cross (up, down, left, and right) with more rows in each direction than just a stripped candy alone.

Goals: Objectives
There are three different game modes (types of levels)
1.Moves & score. Achieve the minimum score withing the amount of moves given.
2.Jelly. Remove all the jelly from their slots. There are two stages of jelly. Stage one jelly slots has to be part of an exploding chain to become regular slots(rid of jelly). Stage two jelly slots cannot be occupied by pieces until it becomes Stage 1. Exploding a chain directly in contact with a stage two slot will turn it into Stage one. Exploding rows and columns will also take down these jelly slots one stage per special.
3.Ingredients. Collect the designated Apples and Cherries that will come onto the field like a playing piece. Usually only 1-2 will be present on the field. It's your duty to make sure they reach the bottom of the screen by clearing away. Ingredients do not react with candy.
4.Time limited. Score higher than the target score in the limited amount of time.
5.Candy order. I haven't played this one yet but you are suppose to remove the designated candy color from the game board(play area). 

Pretty aint it? Yes it is.
You start out with 5 lives. When you fail or quit a level (possibly by answering a call) you will lose a life. As previously stated you will get a life every thirty minutes. The maximum amount of lives you can have is 5 unless you permanently raise it to 8 lives buy purchasing the Charm of Life for $16.99 in the Yeti Shop. You may also buy in the shop include Charm of Stripes for $39.99 (lets you paint one candy into a striped candy once per game) and Charm of Frozen Time for 24.99 (freezes time as you think in levels with with time limits). To me the Charm of Frozen Time seems like it basically gives you incredibly much longer time that time no longer matters.

You can play with your phones profile or using your Facebook account. There are a few uses for Facebook here. One it will save your game information online and affiliated with Facebook so in the event that you should delete or use a different phone, you can continue. You can also use facebook to ask friends to give you their lives(Candy Crush Lives).

Need help? You got it in the form of BOOSTERS.
Jellyfish: 3 fishes that usually occur at the end of a level per one move remaining. They eat random candies and I believe they tend to target special candies. I'm guessing buying them will enable you to use them anytime you want.
Extra Moves: Gain 5 extra moves for one puzzle(level). I believe once you use up the 3 charges (per purchase) then you have to purchase again.
Lollipop Hammer: Smash a candy to take it out of the puzzle. 

Boosters are activated before a level or during a level with the touch of an icon. In my opinion the odds of them helping you complete a level are very small. However they are much cheaper than charms. Toggling the music and sound effects on and off separately can be done in the settings. The World Map is really nicely and colorfully animated. The beautiful effects do come at a cost of battery life. For lower end devices there might be some lag once in a while if your RAM isn't cleared. It's playable in landscape and portrait mode. 

    Yes those prices are really expensive. I wish there was at least one power up that we could get and use without paying. However it's really addicting and the app by the developers at King.com is doing really well  as the top money making Android app right now. With over 10 million downloads there's a good chance you'll hear people mention it. You don't want to be the one who doesn't know what everyone is talking about now do you? Catch it while it's in style.


sources http://about.king.com/candy-crush-saga-faqs                    http://candy-crush-saga.wikia.com/wiki/Candies 


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