Tuesday 16 April 2013

Better Looting in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans has become as much of an addiction for us as it has for millions of others. But unless you are prepared to pay for uber-gems it does take a long time to accumulate elixir and gold to pay for your defense upgrades. So why fight against players with no loot-I WANT MAXIMUM LOOT WITH LESS DANGER-LOTS OF ELIXIR, MORE GOLD AND AS MUCH DARK ELIXIR AS THEY HAVE!

After much play testing I've come up with a great way to make sure that the player's you attack have a similar level to you and thus enable Maximum Clash of Clans Looting !

Firstly the rules: With the current version Clash of... pairs you off against similar level opponents, or if you're Clashing against a lower level you will only get a precentage of their gold and elixir.
So if I'm a level 67 fighting a level 30 even if they have 2 million gold I won't get it all, even with 100% destruction of their Clan village, as I'll only get a percentage of their loot.

Find Similar level players in Clash of Clans

To get the most loot you want to find platers of a similar level.
The easiest way to do this is to go into your notifications and see who has attacked you.
If they've stolen lo9ts of your gold and elixir you know that thye conversely are of a similar level (BIG CLUE-it says their level on the notification)

But I want to find players who have a realtively weak defense, have Dark elxir aplenty and are ripe for looting. How?
Firstly if they have the BARBARIAN KING OR ARCHER QUEEN I avoid attacking back-as these entities bolster their defenses. Secondly if they've magaed to loot dark elixir than they probably have at the least a dark elixir storage. I want mine back and theirs! This is how I have started to carefully pick who to attack to Maximise looting (and trophies...don't forget the trophies!)

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