Tuesday 9 April 2013

Strategy and Tactics: World War II App Review

The problem with being an app reviewer is that you've got to have some love of games to want to review apps. That actually becomes a problem when you've got a queue of games to review and one really catches your attention! Strategy and Tactics World War II is one of those.
After setting aside an hour or so to do the review four hours later I was wondering where the time had gone! As this was an IPad app that I was reviewing I was pleasantly surprised to see that the balance of tactics,ui and most importantly fun was all set in place.
At a glance this would appear to be a Risk-a like clone that has been done so many times before on touchscreens. Of the click on one territory, choose troop numbers and invade other territory type of variety. S and T brings a lot more depth to the game though, different unit types, supporting troops, upgrades, mechanised and airborne forces all come into play,through a variety of Axis and Allies scenarios. I enjoyed the free geography lesson along the way with countries micro divided into their own provinces, I had a feeling that the tactics were a lot more refined with not just the countries of Europe that we know featuring, but a more I depth look makes you truly appreciate the scale and grandeur of the war that was.
I've yet to dip into the premium version of the game but I believe that many more scenarios and some sort of multi player all seem to be on offer,as well as more downloadable content planned for the future. The app developers, Herocraft's Majesty series is well supported and loved by app gamers and this new foray into World War 2 RTS gaming is well received.

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