Thursday 11 April 2013

GPS Speedometer and Flashlight App

 That's one nice and clean car. It even has a number, racing stripes, and sponsors on it. How does this relate to the next app? Well it's from the apps page on Google Play. It's a FREE smartphone app for your android called GPS Speedometer & Flashlight. This isn't some low quality gauge gimmick. With it's new updated version it even increases performance over it's previous stock performance.  With plenty of standard features and options this application gets the job done.

        As I was reviewing this app it got a big update. In the what's new section it contained the options to change the needle color, background type, and gauge style. Other new features include permanently setting units to MPH or KM/H, moving to SD card, a Google Map view and choosing whether or not the screen turns off. Wow, those are some major additions to an app and will greatly increase it's user friendliness. Great job you developer(s) at -UsefulApps-. They were beyond my expectations.

       Great graphics and screenshots on Google Play make my job a little easier(or a lot). As you can see the graphic updates aren't just a few plain colors so they can list as new features. Nope these are high quality clean images. Sportiness is maintained with the add-ons, or even increased. With the new updates there aren't any obvious room for improvements or suggestions that I could write a section about like I have been for my reviews lately. I will still try to write on anyways.

       A minor suggestion I have is to create a setting with the gauge a little lower on the screen and have the digital speed on top of that gauge. That digital gauge would be larger than it currently is on the default settings with color or font style choices. Another thing would be to make the Pitch and Roll readouts more legible. Increase their sizes for visibility and maybe lower them a little for more room if needed. Maybe a landscape mode (although not necessary) where the gauge is on one side and the speed on the other(customizable by owner). I'll just let my imagination run wild and say even include a trip meter and a feature where a marker is placed on the map for when your highest speed was recorded. This could be limited depending on how reliable your phone is with it's build in GPS. 

    Did I forget to mention you can also use the app the activate your smartphones flash? Unlike interior car lights, with this you can look at more difficult angles.  I have yet to test the app in a vehicle or during running exercises. Those will probably be posted later on. In the meantime take a few seconds to download the Android app here

Unlike most apps that use google map, this one displays the map in it's app and not just load up the whole google map interface.

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