Saturday 13 April 2013

Unlock Your Phone Safe and Fast (FREE APP)

     Do you need have a phone that is locked to another carrier? Need to unlock it so you can save yourself from buying a new expensive phone? Perhaps you're still stick in a two year contract and had a mishap and can't afford a new phone. This app can help you with those problems. It's called Unlock Your Phone Safe and Fast. The name says sums it up pretty good.

    Without summing up the directions, it's still pretty simple and basic to use. The easy to follow instructions help make it less of a hassle for your stressful time. It's easier than reading this disorganized article.

Identify the phone's carrier, brand, country, name of the phone(phone model) and check if the app can help you. Services are available for the following phone companies:

Double check on the IMEI before ordering. That helps makes sure the app has identified your phone correctly. Icons with "i" will have instructions to help you here and other questions. They are short, clear, and understandable.

   I'm sorry to report that I did spot a typo. In a warranty like paragraph that states the refund policy (in the unlikely event of a 1.5% unsuccessful rate) a "k" is missing in the word "back". At another location maybe it meant to say "24/7" instead of "24/24". It may be that I am just not familiar with that term.

The first letter of the name of the phone manufacturers should be capitalized.

Your email is automatically detected with your smartphones default Google email account.

Choose your payment method and pay.

And within minutes to a few days you will get your code through email. Enter your SIM into your target phone and your code when the target phone asks for it. 

Have you heard of Paypal? It's safe and very trusted and used by this app. Prices may and will vary. You may also use a credit card as an option (it'll go through PayPal too).

An interesting feature about this app is that you may get paid for recommending and unlocking a friends phone. I can't say I know how much though.

You can download the FREE smartphone app at

The developers of the app are Unlock Unit. They did a good job with the user interface. Artwork and software for the buttons work smooth. The provided video on it's Google Play app page is professionally done. Feel free to read the app description and stop reading this page.

Good Luck.

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