Wednesday 29 May 2013

Coin Wish - a twist on Plinko

       Looking for a fun and beautiful app? Try Coin Wish. Although the gameplay is very similar to Plinko, it's a lot easier to win then the Price is Right game. You also get more chances. The easiest aspect of the smartphone app compared to the game show is getting to play in the first place. It's Free on Google Play. The android app is developed by Unicorn Infinity LLC. It's beautiful and vibrant graphics are detailed. The menu's and buttons and in game store all look well designed and smooth. Another difference from the game show game is that it's portable.

Need a recap on how to play Plinko?
       Select a world and a level. Once the level starts tap a location on top of the screen to drop a coin from that location. The coin will make it's way down the play area while bouncing off objects(similar to pinball machines). Once it reaches the bottom it will land into a slot with a certain value. You will get those points towards your score. Each level requires a certain amount of points to get an improved rating. Like many other apps with lots of levels, Coin Wish gives you a rating of 1 to 3 stars for each level. Some levels are unlocked by obtaining a certain amount of stars. I'm guessing that according to the game your "wish" is to pass the level. That's why when you get one star while in a level it says "Wish granted".

     Your chances are also better than in real life because the app probably controls how likely your playing piece (coin) will come in contact with the peg. When a coin comes in contact with a peg, the peg will change color for the next peg level. Once all the pegs on the stage have changed colors, the values of the slots on the bottom of the screen will double and your pegs will then be ready to change color again.

     Some video game and pinball obstacles that make appearances are axes and spikes that chop and demolish your coins. These two are usually gray. Wormholes will move your coin to another location and spit them out in a random direction (although I don't think they shoot up). For help and extra advantages there are plenty of boosts and bonuses in the store.

     I will have to admit that I have not had time to thoroughly test more aspects and features of the app as it does have a lot. I am unaware of a lot of the official names and terms of things in the app. These observations are based on lower levels on the first world. I do however have a few small suggestions for the app. First off I think a detailed tutorial of "how to play" in the main menu would help the game feel friendlier. The tutorial would explain the A glitch I found in the game is that if you press "buy more coins(10)" but close the google play window from buying, then a text saying "failed purchase" will pop up and the games will continue to wait for you to play with more coins. The problem is that you have no coins. This was fixed by restarting the app. Luckily the app doesn't like to stay in your RAM memory when you exit the app so when you start the app it reloads from the beginning. However I wish the app did stay in my RAM IF the glitch is fixed.

     One interesting aspect of the smartphone application is that even it's advertisements have cool animations. They slide onto the screen like a box instead of your typical popup up or banner on the screen. Coin Wish is a fairly new Android application that I think deserves more attention than it is getting. It has an average rating of 4.5 on Google Play you should try it too. Download it for FREE HERE.


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