Wednesday 29 May 2013

Idea for a Pokemon project and Best Ink opinions

       Today, May 16th, I was watching Best Ink on Oxygen and they were doing animated tattoos. This reminded me of a project I was looking into for visual basic. The idea was also influenced by an augmented reality app for Budweiser and Blip I had encountered through Although I've stopped tinkering with the pokemon project, I will be posting up on article on it in the future.

An example of DJ's work.

    Now back to the show(or at least some of my viewpoints of the show). After a couple of episodes into the 2nd season of the show Best Ink I honestly believe that DJ Tambe deserves to win. Teresa would clearly be a second. Her work on average is like a 10 out of 10. However I feel like on average DJ's work is beyond a 10. His creativity and extra detailed put into the artwork really shows. He is a natural. His artwork tells the story and captures your attention without having to be explained. Storyline and meaning doesn't mean much to me if it doesn't look cool and awe inspiring too. Again his art pieces do look awesome. I know I am no authority in terms of tattooing (or anything for that matter) but I am just stating my honest opinion. Third place would go between Jerod and Brittany. Brittany has a little more consistent with her quality, but lacks that touch of creativity and originality and meaning that Jerod has over her. The top two does work that surpass any tattoo that I can really think of to put on myself. Throughout the season I felt that a possible third or fourth place was Derek. His lines and quality was always there, however it lacked creativity and life a lot of the times. (A fine exception would be when he worked with DJ and made the Harry Potter looking wings.)

P.S. I am hesitant on putting anything permanent on my body (especially if its going to get me a negative image/vibe/stereotype). To me it's like a desktop wallpaper. I usually change my wallpaper in less than a year. Also, the Official Best Ink website on Oxygen is very very very annoying!!! Every webpage automatically plays the same current loud skin story video. This is worsened by the fact that my internet is slow and my baby brother is watching Barney and Friends on Youtube so I cannot mute the sound. The site should also have a more organized gallery of their final tats by episode. I can't find Tylors tat with the cross and stars.

Teresa's work

Late update. Brittany was eliminated due to the rules of the competition. Her being eliminated instead of Allie wasn't due to having less skills. On average her tattoos were better. However that week she had a jellyfish tattoo that was suppose to look real (and good?). This is a very difficult and stupid task. And she shouldn't had gotten points taken off for that one week when she did a tattoo next to an existing tattoo. It was the skins request. Jerod's wedding photo tattoo was incredibly impressive. Allie is okay with colors but she is definitely not one of the top 6. In my opinion she had gotten through the cracks by tie-ing or not being the worst each week.

Other thoughts:The animation for the tattoos could had been better. However the animator did only had one night to work on all of the animations. The black light episode could had been a lot better with something anime inspired. Thanks for reading my rant.

Have a nice day.


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