Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Slot Machine App - Slots of Fortune

     Want to go to the Casino but don't want to lose too much money? Well you can do just that and save yourself some gas with the FREE Slots of Fortune - Slot Machine - smartphone app. There's no fancy cartoon to try and catch your interest. However that doesn't mean the app isn't visually appealing. No giant pixels are present to discourage you from playing. The buttons are distinguishable. It's so easy to play you don't even have to put up your hand or your head. You don't actually collect a ticket, your phone is your ticket.

    On the left side on top of the buttons there is a location bar that shows your current rank. Hover over it to display what is required for you reach the next rank. Settings let you toggle the music and sound effects. Not sure why you would want to turn the bonuses off (perhaps you just want a classic style gameplay). Above the slot display is a realistic reward chart. The chart looks just like something you would find on a slot machine. Above that is something that resembles wheel of fortune. Both of these are viewable via scrolling or sliding your screen up and down.

         I usually find slot machines with some sort of obtainable bonus to be more interesting and involved. This is where the (wheel) Spin Bonus comes to play. In order to qualify for the spin bonus you have to place the max bet. There are three ways to do this 1)Press the circle in the center of the play area. 2)Press "Bet Max" 3)Press "Bet One" until the current bet reaches the maximum of 6. An odd and funny thing actually happens with the third one. When you reach 6 by pressing that button, the machine automatically enters the bet without you telling it to place the the unlike when the betting value is below 6. When you get a Wheel bonus spin the screen takes you quickly to the top (skipping the chart) to watch the action. This happens smoothly and is a nice touch.

  On my 2nd or 3rd bet I press the circle button and got the spin wheel bonus. That bonus led to a big pot. I believe it was 100,000 give or take a zero. Reading the Google Play reviews reveal that this begginers luck phenomenon might be a common occurrence with new players. Within thirty more tries I got another spun wheel that rewarded me with 650.  Unlike toys that don't really keep track of how much you have, the free Android app does that and more.With my short time with the app it often awarded me and not just take my currency while leaving me with nothing.

A few suggestions for the free casino app
     First there needs to be a cool sound played when I press a button. Possibly include background music. Maybe let the user choose between a background that sounds like a casino, or some elevator music. This will probably engage the gambler more or keep them more stimulated. A possible addition would be to add sparkles across the screen sometimes. However, this would be straying away from the apps realistic approach. Six credit seems a bit small for a maximum bet, especially when the app is rewarding you so much that you want to raise the stakes. Oh and the Google Play screenshots we're uploaded twice...So there are 4 different pictures but 8 total. Delete the doubles.

You can download the free application here for Android OS. According to it's Google Play video the app is also trying to make it's way to iOS so stay tuned if that applies to you.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.


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