Sunday 5 May 2013

Bringing life to your old gaming CD's

Sega CD Wonder Dog
Rare gaming CD-Wonder Dog (no I've never heard of it either!)
On the brink of Project Durango and Orbis coming our way (if you've followed gaming's biggest stories you'll know what I'm talking about), you might still have a lot of older games lying around. Now we're willing to bet that a lot of those are on CD, whether you're a PS One or Two fan or even going down the Mega Drive route or elsewhere.

I remember FF IX fondly, but the disc format is just so notorious for scratching up and getting unreadable that despite the best intentions many great gaming collections go the way of the skip.

ROM finding and emulation on Android and other devices with open OS's seems to be a great solutuion, and we can't wait to see how well the unconsoles implement this. But if you really want a true saviour of disc based gaming and want the awesomeness of a great CD based retro game collection then cd replication services are a great route to explore

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