Thursday, 27 June 2013

Comparing Android Synth Apps with Real Instruments

Changing Android Music Player Settings
Now we're no experts on the acoustic properties of Mobile Phones, beyond knowing that the best Android phone speaker is probably the HTC One. But we thought we'd do a little light hearted experiment on various  Android synth apps to see how good they compare to real music instruments and/or synthesizers.

The big lesson we learned when looking at various synth apps like Bass Guitar (Real Bass), Mov Synth and ChordBot Pro is that the set up of the way your phone plays music is crucial. While realistically you're never going to approach the sound quality of new Roland Guitar Synth  from a $5 app, you can do your best to mimic it by setting your phone up for optimum sound.

Being Android of course each phone has their own peculiarities due to the various ux skins and Android versions knocking about, the first place to start is on the music player's settings.

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