Thursday 27 June 2013

More music videos from space

Using Paypal Galactic
Chris Hadfield using BitCoin to buy a new music instrument?
Thank you Chris Hadfield for the first (and best- so far- music video from space). The repercussions of this "bold, step for a music playing astronaut) are being felt much farther away than the domain of tech loving ,cosmos watching audiophiles.
We'd like to think that PayPal President David Marcus had Astronaut Hadfield in mind when he announced Paypal Galactic. Not content with having a firm grip on ecommerce on Earth, PayPal now plans to launch the "Galaxy's First Money Transfer Platform". While it might be difficult to get Amazon to deliver the newest hard copy of the latest XBox One game to the ISS, astronauts, and eventual other space farers like Space Tourists, should theoretically be able to download e-books and such like in their respective extra-planetary habitats. So for example if Hadfield wanted a bass saxophone to complement his music video's he could use PayPal Galactic to order it!
Is this the world of finances first step to embracing crypto currency on a universal (literally) scale and will the Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination soon be accepted on Virgin Galactic and the world's first Moon Base? What do you think Commander Hadfield?

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