Friday 19 July 2013

Apps for Citizen Science

Remember SETI, and what about BitCoin Mining via an app? Gamification of real world problems and procedures that need enormous computing power can be enhanced by utilising citizen scientist friendly apps such as this:

GeneGame, a new Android and Ios app from Cancer Research UK that's designed to help in the charity's fight against cancer.

Developers Guerilla Tea will bring the citizen science app to app stores in the autumn.

As you play GeneGame, you see, you'll be analysing swathes of data that scientists have been collecting since the '70s through the apps game mechanics.

Apps to combat Cancer

Cancer Research UK citizen science lead Amy Carton says the charity has "petabytes of genetic data" that need to be analysed, and "the nature of that data is such that humans are far better at analysing it than an algorithm."

That's where GeneGame comes in.

By playing this forthcoming game, you're helping to search out genes that could cause cancer.

Guerilla Tea Games's CEO Mark Hastings says that the game will "create a gaming experience that's enjoyable" while also helping push scientific research forward.

The bigger, the better

What would take a small group of scientists an age to process can be analysed much quicker via gamification and crowdsourcing.

There's no word yet on the target platforms for GeneGame, but it's a fair guess that iOS and Android will be in the thoughts of the game's publisher.

We'll keep you updated about this interesting and important project when we know more.

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