Wednesday 24 July 2013

Are Apps too Easy for you? Try this one.

     There a number of brain teaser apps out there that don't really challenge the brain. If you find it difficult to find a challenging app then try this one for size. Jumpfimaga Crazy Puzzle Game is a new puzzle game that involves strategy and planning. You goal(objective) is to place pieces on the board and slide them onto their corresponding(matching) slot on the board by the end of their movements.

       Each piece has a set amount of moves(not sure if the amount is indicated). Each move has a predetermined amount of distance that it must take(the distance is indicated from left to right by the numbers under the box at the right of the screen.) There are three Levels of Intelligence, (not be be confused with difficulty level) that gives you different timers. Shorter timers probably give you a higher score if you should finish the puzzle in the allotted time. You may only receive points and have the stage marked as complete in your profile if you complete the level before time runs out. After the timer is done you may still practice/continue to play. Thankfully there is an UNDO button that really comes in handy, especially considering it lets you undo way more than one move(possibly all moves from the start of the stage). Difficulty levels ranged from 1 to 5 and are preset on the stage. You can tell what level a stage is by by the first number of the stage before the "-".   

According to the games description "The characteristics of each level are:
-First level: figures always remain unchanged.
-Second level: the figures rotate 90 degrees in each frame edge before making the first jump.
-Third level: the figures are reflected every time they jump.
-Fourth level: when the figure is not in its correct position, it can be rotated 90 degrees if it’s hit by another figure that’s moving and lands next to it. The way it rotates depends on the direction the other figure came from.
-Fifth level: when the figure is not in its correct final position, it can be displaced if another figure lands on it."

How To Play
 Start by touching a number on the edge of the play area and a piece will make its first jump onto the play area from there. A piece becomes locked in and inactive (changes color) if you land it in a corresponding slot on the board. You cannot slide into another piece that is still in play(blinking). A move is also invalid if it would slide the piece off of the playing board/playing area. If you try to make an invalid move, a friendly notification will pop up and alert you that the move cannot be completed.

The menu's and buttons are well designed. They function as expected and don't feel like they are incomplete. You can store up more than one profile and view each profiles accomplishments and scores. Other nice features of the app is that it runs really smooth and is only 10MB.

Currently there are no sounds. The new application is still young and will probably undergo future updates that will include sound effects and music. Perhaps in the settings(maybe during gameplay) the player is allowed to choose the type of sound effects per swipe, and the type of background music. Background music can range from slow and calm to action-packed suspense. Personally I would prefer calm or no sounds so that I can concentrate better.

Where to Download
You can download the Free Android application from various sources:
-Here from the Amazon Appstore.
-And Here from Google Play.
 The free versions have plenty to stimulate your brain, but if you find that you want more puzzles, you can download the full versions for $1.99.
-Here from Amazon Appstore.
-Here on Google Play.

Special Note: The owner and developer of the app, Alejandro Gomez, is willing to sell the rights to the app for $20,000. He states that he can develop the app for iOS in about 3 months.

Have fun utilizing those brain cells.

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