Wednesday 14 August 2013

Are we ready for the Internet of things?

Gadgets, particularly smartphones are, as you already know, our forte, and when new buzzwords arise its our technological duty to put our own little Gametrender spin on it. So are we really ready for the Internet of Things, a technological home and lifestyle so blended in with our lives, lifestyles and homes that they're indistinguishable?

The internet of things is a massive technological leap for mankind. The ability to remotely control various aspects of our home is appealing to many, and makes life more convenient for a lot of people who invest in home automation. This does however represent a big investment and is a bandwagon that a lot of tech companies have jumped on,so needs to be approached with caution. Just look at Philips smart lighting solution to see the type of money you can expect to pay. Home automation has its pros and cons. 


Home automation systems can make a technological life a lot more convenient . They are built to help relieve stress from your life, and relieve you of your cash!Apparently convenience and money saving a all promised by the internet of things. You’€™ll have the ability to turn off your lights, coffee pot and other small appliances from your phone or tablet, literally an app for every gadget(there's an app entrepreneur idea there somewhere!)
Another way that you can save money is by having a smart thermostat. By turning off or down your heating/ac, you’€™ll be saving on your bill. You can program your thermostat according to your schedule, or you can turn it on and off from your mobile device. So basically, you’€™re paying to have an easier, more convenient life. To many people there is no price tag that you can put on that. To many other people, however, these comforts seem unnecessary and expensive.


There are a surprising amount of things that are negative about home automation. Home automation providers usually require you to sign a contract of at least three years, paying over 50 dollars a month, in most cases. That’€™s a lot of money. One of the big pitches in selling you home automation, is that you’€™ll save money on your power bill. Unless you’€™re saving at least 50 dollars a month, home automation will end up costing a great deal, and could also prove very stressful if you dont have a lot of technological know how. But just think, instead of finding carpet cleaning durham nc ,you can just use the power of the Internet of things and use your smartphone activated Roomba!

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