Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Using a projector with IPhone/IPad

As the Ubuntu Edge IndieGogo campaign slowly gathers momentum, just having passed the ten million dollar mark. Us business users are, for the meantime, still limited by our mobile OS when it comes to business uses. If you're tethered to your iPhone or IPad and don't want to be lugging around a laptop(roll on Ubuntu Edge!) there are still some mobile presentation solutions available.
Here are some of the pros and cons of using a pick projector with iphone.

Pico projectors include a wide range of input ports, users are allowed to connect to varied data sources. Most of the products come with USB input as well as SD memory card readers. While using these devices, you will be able to store your PowerPoint slides and other images on the SD card. It’s also really easy to display your slides directly from the projector on a display board or electronic display gadget. Some come with bespoke iPhone or lightning bolt connectors which allow you to access your data straight from your I device.

Comparison To The Traditional Data Projector

Pico projectors of course cant provide a full suite of features. Literally, with a device of this size one is unlikely to achieve the exact same performance as the conventional data projectors. But generally, especially with the more,expensive poco projectors a reasonable result can be gained.
Top tip for using Pico projectors with iPhone 
In order to get the best results with the iPhone projectors you need to set up the device at the maximum throw distance of about 2.5 meters. You should also keep the lowest possible ambient lighting levels in order to get the best exposure. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that these products are best for a limited numbers of audiences (e.g. a maximum of around 10 people).


To sum up, we may conclude that Pico projectors are ideal for iPhone, iPad, Laptops, and other e-gadgets as a display solution for small scale meetings. Their small size ensures that you can easily slip them inside the laptop case or even in your pocket. As they are enabled with numerous input ports they are compatible with the majority of data sources.

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