Saturday 3 August 2013

How to get three stars in every Tiny Thief level

Now that the price of Rovio's Tiny Stars, "Sneak 'em up/point and click hybrid" Tiny Thief has had a price reduction it is certainly worth getting for the sheer variety that has been packed into the game.

While a little disappointed as I was expecting the IPad version of Thief:Deadly Shadows, rather than a cute point and click(and why hasn't it been made yet I wonder, the graphical and processing grunt is certainly there as numerous FPS on IPad show). Tiny Thief is a good game nevertheless. However in the "Where's Wally" style of gameplay you often find yourself clicking everywhere to get those three stars. Shop fronts, bridges, sheep, , nothing is not worth clicking on!

You'll get one star for finding your sneaky ferret companion who has a habit of popping up around the tableau, you'll get another for finding the special object that you've been told to get from the level and to get the Third Star in Tiny Thief there will always be a musty object, poke around and look for things out of place to stumble across this object, also see what objects could logically interact. And keep own waiting for Thief Deadly Shadows, let's hope it comes soon! 

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