Wednesday 31 July 2013

Landline vs Mobile Phones

Being a regular reader we're sure that you know how much of a fan of modern smartphones we are. Since our founding we've used an Xperia Play , a Galaxy S3,iPhone 5 and an Xperia Z as our app and gaming review devices. The love affair with top end Smartphones continues so when asked to review Panasonic's line of home phones we initially baulked , but then strongly began to think about if a dedicated landline phone has a place in our modern smartphone loving times.

Another recent news item rally made us think hard about the need for a landline phone: the collapse of  the NHS 111 semi-emergency number service. Now luckily no family emergency has been bigger than could have been solved by the Web Md app, but if 111 or even it's more medically appropriate big bro 999 would have to be used, could we really rely on our carriers less than adequate signal strength. On a normal day a weak mobile signal, or even none at all, is an irritant, but in an emergency situation such a scenario is unacceptable and unsafe. So if nothing else the security and safety of your family should show you the need to have a landline phone.

Now looking at the DECT Cordless Phones available from Panasonic it's strange that this well known telecommunications company doesn't also turn its hand to superior mobile phones,but never mind...
The Panasonic Landline phones are very elegant and well made instruments and aside from a plethora of communications related features, have a very elegant and well made look to them. They would certainly merit more than a passing glance and actually will lend a great deal of elegance to any home or office.
Experienced electronics wizards that Panasonic are they have certainly come up with a variety of features that make their phones a very attractive prospect. Built in answer machines are of course de rigeur, phone books capable of vast storage and caller I'd are also some of the standard features. Other exotic functions that we are pleased to see are such delights as a built in baby monitor which fits quite nicely with the ability to link multiple phones from the same base station.
Panasonic certainly proves that in this day and age there is very much room for both landline phones and smartphones to lead a peaceful and collaborative co-existence.

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