Wednesday 14 August 2013

The death of CAPTCHA on Mobile

A frustrating fact about having a mobile phone and using it as your primary source for your web browsing is that many sites still haven't improved their auto resolution to the extent that viewing is compatible. This becomes especially apparent with the irritation of many sites requiring a CAPTCHA which is rendered doubly difficult on mobile because of bad auto resolution. So we are solidly behind the Australian led campaign to rid the world of CAPTCHA : ACCAN, together with Able Australia, Blind Citizens Australia and Australian Deafblind are calling for the killing of the CAPTCHA due to its frustrating puzzles that is hard to unravel for people with disabilities.
The Kill CAPTCHA petition was launched and immediately received signatures from a lot of people who are against it. Their main reason is that it’€™s hard for the blind to access online government websites and their services and other websites. Though, there is software that can read CAPTCHA for the blind or for those who have eyesight problems, oftentimes, it is not accurate. The audio CAPTCHA alternative is just too hard to hear too.
So, are these negative responses good enough to remove CAPTCHA? Michael McKinnon of AVG doesn’€™t think so, he said that is unavoidable. And if this security measure is removed, it would be easier for criminals to automate illegalities and online activities. W3C also added that there are other alternatives, like trivia, math questions, sound files, and biometrics. The only problem is, most websites are comfortable using CAPTCHA. A definite plus for the world particularly us mobile web browsers. So when typing in obscure searches  mobile users should appreciate the new future of a captchaless Internet.

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  1. how to support captcha in mobile browser......


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