Wednesday 4 September 2013

App for Arachnaphobia

Think of spiders in apps and you'll probably be imagining a Bug's life squishes with poorly represented arachnids. But if you're an arachnaphobe you'll probably be adverse to combatting you're 8 legged nemesis, that's where Virtually Free's Phobia Free app comes into play. Shelton get whined thee as Phobia Free works its arcane psychiatry magic via app format. This UK-based technology start up that develops apps to improve emotional health today announces a major update of  Phobia  Free its iPad/iPhone app to help with arachnophobia, the extreme fear of spiders. The company has overhauled the app by acting on user feedback. Key developments include interface improvements, new mini tutorials and a reduction in file size.
Virtually Free was founded by two practising psychiatrists , not your usual employment attorney in San Diego CA. , but true app loving health pros, and a games developer who combined their skills to adapt the therapy experience into an app format. The app uses exposure therapy, a tried and tested method for the treatment of phobia, with a few important modifications. A ‘virtual therapist’, Dr Freeman explains the therapy process and guides users through a series of high definition fully-animated and voice-acted sessions.
Phobia Free trains the user in relaxation techniques. Through a series of games, users face increasingly more realistic spiders and can share their progress over social networks. The games encourage users to help spiders out of difficult situations by gradually appealing to their empathy.

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