Wednesday 4 September 2013

Werewolf coming to ancient Summoner

In Ancient Summoner, there are a total of 8 races and each race includes hundreds of different creatures. And among all these creatures, werewolves have always been the one summoners wanted to see the most.

What are the Werewolf card details?
Unlike most of the creature cards who usually have a balanced combination of blood and attack, (e.g. 4 attack/ 8 blood, 2 attack/ 7 blood) werewolf cards may have really weird combinations like 8 attack/ 4 blood, or 2 attack/ 12 blood. In other words like its Lunar-tic heritage it's an unbalanced card.

If you're a  summoner who has Lady Luck on your side these werewolves can do some serious damage within 1 round. So as to make this game fair, most of these werewolf cards have an attribute called “Blood Price”, which immediately deals 3 damage to the summoner upon summoning. Therefore, werewolf cards become both powerful and risky—a true wild card. Yes, the bite goes both ways!

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