Tuesday 22 October 2013

Hardcore Gaming -Apps beyond casual pastimes-Appsworld 2013

Appropriately enough the "Future of Apps as games" keynote closed with a gambling question, providing a nice run up for Carsten van Husen's presentation on apps for hardcore gamers.
Hardcovers are an interesting source of revenue, Carsten likens them to a diner, the casual will happily eat his meal, the hardcore will see where the boundaries are...eating the table, stabbing the waiter, ummm interesting metaphor Carsten.
Interestingly enough he brought up the demographics of age and growth rates of mobile phones and gaming usage naturally.
Comparisons of Candy Crush saga were made to the hardcore contingent who according to Carsten have prolonged gaming sessions and are a.ways looking to plan their next session.
In 2011 Vampires Game was released to give their marketeers something to do, a taste of what revenue apps could bring in. Icaria was also referenced with even one attendee having played it, it's success on the web hasn't yet been followed by the mobile app. Mobile users have 10-15 minutes play on average, web users only a minute a so, he likens this to evidence of mobile playing becoming more hard core.
" I guess with games it's all kill time on the mobile" was an interesting quote that the speaker had to unfortunately close on before a localised power cut pre-emptively finished off the hardcore gamer presentation. Carsten was a banker fifteen years ago and unfortunately we think that still shows as his presentation was rather lacklustre... Although perhaps the best was yet to come, we'll never know.

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