Tuesday 22 October 2013

Google Glass Keynote-Appsworld Europe

Naturally Google Glass was going to come up during AppsWorld Europe! The keynote is ongoing as we write and it's promised that by the end of the half hour we'll all be able to go off and "Be a Glass Developer"!
For developers and non devs alike the keynote is riddled with useful factoids about Google's next toy. The aspect ratio for example will appear in the users field of view as "credit cards used".
Stock actions will take place on the card sized timeline(look to Google Now for examples of this card type timeline".
Now as the speaker points out and Google labours on about, "Can you really enjoy a concert through the screen of your phone?"
"Humans are brilliant at facial recognition", says the speaker, a self apparent fact that leads your timeline contacts to be represented by faces not text. All in the name of Google's want to speed up your interactions.
Java script object notation (Jason?) is to be used.
User actions,notifications,events,subscribe to Google services ( while waiting for more platform based user kits "GDK" is what we as devs can play around with in the meantime.
And now that we're "sold on developing for Glass"...
Android developers will have a head start and be heavily familiar with the tools eg. android Developer Studio and Eclipse, under development is the Glass Developer Kit and the API is apparently available... The Explore plan will be ready midway though 2014.. What is best for a Glass Developer at the moment ...
Be encouraged to start developing right now with the Mirror API because effort you put in now will pay off when the GDK is released Why... same size screens, similar capabilities "Overall Design principles will be the same"
http://developers.google.com/glass/playground is Google site that you can use right now to jump into glass development. H263 and 64 are the codecs for videos.
Different templates can be used in playground, you can even use the css.
A new experience... But some immediate touchstones for familiarity, still the ROBOTO font is the topography used in glass, flat icons...free icon set that are existing assets. The iconography is flat icons( can be recognised faster than 3d rendered objects... Glass interactions are all about speed.) So Android Asset Studio can be used with Glass.
Visual cues and prompts...eg. Turn down corner, the CSS is clever enough to make text flow. Using the ideas behind Perceived Affordances... Jump straight to interactions and bypass higher reasoning!
They want less clutter and design ideas to speed up the users interactions.
Get into Glass Dev now...because after the keynote we are all apparently experts!

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