Tuesday 22 October 2013

What's cooler than a basket full of kittens? Appsworld 2013

A question hopefully soon to be answered in the next fifteen minutes when at the gaming expo at Appsworld the speakers will take to the stage demonstrating how sensors, NFC, cameras and more are changing our gaming landscape. Gadget and gaming geek gluttony soon to follow...
What's cool? Apps and new ways to play them.
What's not cool? More than half of Balckberries' app experiments failing due to the "hostile environment" of so many different signals floating about!
What worked: NFC running game with people powered Nerf guns as punishment for not completing a circuit fast enough ( run, tap on NFC tag to measure time between laps)
Blackberry powered drone. Sort of as it soon went rogue picking up another wifi signal.

What didn't work? Heartbeat powered music which ups or slows tempo according to the users Bluetooth band which records their heart beat. That hostile environment started off by taking no prisoners.
Experiment number 4 was some sort of audio setup , which was axed before the event due to time constraints.
Ad hoc multiplayer was a good idea with audience participation via the hub powered ssid, but signal problems soon put paid to it, and then the picture on screen went all wonky to add to Blackberry's woes.
Still they were interesting experiments and a very useful takeaway is that all the source code for them can be found on GitHub, look to our YouTube channel for the exact link.

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