Sunday 20 October 2013

Why we're going to Appsworld Europe

A love of new Android toys and apps, a chance to learn more about app monetisisation and perhaps even speak to Wozniak! Appsworld Europe in two days is going to be a networking fiesta, here's what the organisers have to say:
With over 6.8 billion mobile subscribers (which is about 87% of the world’s population) and over 56 billion app downloads predicted for 2013 – the audience is raring to go and there are still plenty of apps waiting to be developed.


Localytics found that one in four apps are never used again once downloaded, so how can you make sure your app isn’t one of them?


Application-to-person (A2P) messaging is predicted to take over person-to-person messaging by 2016 according to Juniper research, an industry that will be worth more than £44bn. Will this be the answer to lost SMS revenues?


71% of smartphone users that see ads on TV, in magazines or online do a mobile search. One is seven searches is now mobile – how is your mobile strategy going to make sure your customers find you and not your competitors?


Analysts estimate that app revenues will hit $25 billion in 2013 and could triple by 2017. How can you ensure you're getting your share? 

All of these reasons are why Gametrender and hopefully you will be meeting up at Appsworld. So you won't learn much about a snowboard rack wall ,but will really get to grips with what is coming up with future apps. 

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