Wednesday 6 November 2013

Clash of Clans Trap Upgrade: how do you upgrade traps

The November Clash of Clans update has brought with it upgradeable traps and the ability to rearm those traps. If the C of C new trap abilities have left you with more questions than answers and you just want to blow stuff up, spring trap dozens of giants at once(no spring trap upgrade though..sob) and send those pesky minions back to the dark elixir from whence they came then here's how to use those new traps to do it!

Guide  to Clash of Clans  new trap system ( November update)

Upgrades facts:

✔ All explosive traps will have upgrade levels.

✔ Upgrading is available as soon as a new trap is bought from the shop.

✔ Traps are upgraded using Builders.

✔ Upgrade times and costs are relatively short if compared to building upgrades.

✔ Different trap types have different upgrades: Damage, radius…

✔ Traps cannot be sold anymore.

✔ Traps under upgrade are visible to enemies, remember to replace them 

✔ Attacker can deploy troops on top of traps also when traps are under upgrade.

Using new traps:

✔ After a trap is triggered, it stays right where it was, but its status is “Triggered”.

✔ After a trap has been triggered, it needs to be re-armed.

✔ You don’t need an available Builder to re-arm the traps.

✔ Upgrade levels don’t disappear when traps are triggered.

✔ Re-arming traps cost gold. Re-arm cost increases when the trap is upgraded.

✔ You can re-arm all traps with one button OR re-arm traps one-by-one.

Plan your trap upgrades and protect your village?

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