Monday, 25 November 2013

Fitbit Force and other Android app linked fitness trackers

I'm about a month into using my Fitbit Flex fitness tracker which I have linked to both the IPad and Android phone (Xperia Z in this case). The Fitbit has a lot of great features and I particularly love the sleep tracking that it does. What I don't love is the fact that the Android App is fundamentally broken and thus I have to rely on the IPad app.

With this new wave of biometric time clocks fitness trackers (still waiting for the Fitbit Force to hit Uk shores by the way) you'd expect better support for the worlds biggest Smartphone OS. Some Android owners will enjoy a hassle free Fitbit app, but that is mostly limited to a few top tier phones like the Galaxy S4 and I believe HTC One.
With Fitbit being debatedly the premier Fitness Tracker you'd expect more in the way of Android support. 

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