Wednesday 27 November 2013

Easy ways to make a Connected Home

The Internet of things and the Connected Home are definitely some of the top trending phrases in the world of technology, apps and smartphones this year. Luckily the smart home is not an ephemeral and elusive idea confined to the likes of Bill Gates and other technocrats, it is solidly within every bodies reach and there are some very simple, yet effective, ideas going around to make this so.
Switched on Products' Light Switch Timer recently came to our attention at a fortuitous time, here at Gametrender we were just bandying  around some ideas for simple home automation and the easily installed Light switch timer came across our desk.
Luckily for us with bright ideas, but little mechanical aptitude Switched on Products' device doesn't require much skill to operate whatsoever, and is a very simple concept. Just slot the cradle over any 1,2 or 3 gang switch and set the timer to operate. The only effort you'll need to make is using a screwdriver to loosen the light switch cover, then slide on the cradle and you're good to go. The device itself fits into the cradle and provides a very lengthy time of use on standard pen light batteries.
On these cold and dark winter months this simple light switch timer can not only save money (and if you love in Britain you certainly want to avoid excess electricity charges!) but also allow you a little bit more peace of mind when going on holiday. A light coming on at random times (random,pre-programmed and manual settings are available) could just be enough to convince a would be burglar that the house has not been left alone. Indeed the fact that the light switch timer is about to gain endorsement from the police services is more than enough testament to this fact.

Whether you're a gadget geek wanting your taste of home automation or are security conscious the nice and simple, yet effective, Light Switch Timer is a must have for your home.

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