Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Combine tech and health with Active Sitting

With a lot of time,not just over the festive season, but also in normal day to day life spent sitting,you'd think we'd be very good at it. Unfortunately that's not the case. Now if you work in an office or just spend a lot of your leisure time seated you'd probably think that there could be little done to help that. Thankfully that's not the case and some very progressive thinkers have come up with the concept of active sitting as embodied by the "Evolution Chair".

If you're a regular reader of Gametrender then you'll probably be spending a good portion of your life seated, either working with your office based computing setup, meddling with your portable devices or gaming avidly on your platform of choice. Like us you're not going to want to sacrifice work or game time unless you have to. Unfortunately you're probably sat in a conventional chair that is definitely having some sort of negative effect on your general well being. It's not just eventual back problems that can arise through a sedentary unthinking posture, poor core muscles, reduced lung capacity through continuous lumbar compression and gradual spinal atrophying all eventually occur through traditional seating.

We've been asked to review the Evolution Chair and were very keen to engage with it, essentially anything that can help our readers and indeed ourselves to maintain health and stick to our avid tech activities is a good thing.

The concept is very sound with the foundation of the seat being very similar to a Swiss Ball that you might expect to find in a gym. The benefits of these have been long known with a lot of your core muscles engaged to maintain posture while sitting on or using these for exercise. With the JD Harris product the "ball" has been carefully selected to not only meet most height specifications but is also made from very sturdy non puncture material. It can also be used as a standalone Swiss Ball when removed from the base.
The base itself is also very tough and able to have extension castors easily added to it to adjust for differing heights. The wheeled base also allows for very easy movement of the chair.

I've used the chair extensively through the festive season,thankfully holidays have certainly been on the cards so I haven't had the chair in the office. But a variety of television leisure time and console gaming has been conducted from the perch of the active seat. It certainly is a different experience and doesn't encourage lounging. Core muscles are definitely engaged and a more natural and healthier method of sitting is encouraged. One of the bigger benefits I found is the fact that I'm very alert and more ready for whatever activity I'm doing when using the a Evolution Chair. Sat on a couch or easy chair and you'll start to slump,relax and slide down, not exactly the most dynamic position to be in and your alertness levels will wane with this somnolent almost sleeping seated position. Aside from the lumbar benefits of this seat you'll find the expression "edge of your seat" rings true with your seated activities being fully engaged in with active sitting bringing it about.

If your lifestyle,work or leisure wise,involves prolonged sitting then the Evolution Chair will allow you to sit in a healthier and more engaged manner.


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