Friday 17 January 2014

Too many Skylanders?

Skylanders is really making an impact on the gaming world,with everything from young gamers to more veteran gamers having a lot of fun with the legacy of Spyro. Whether it be multiplayer battles in Skylanders Giants or gaming the new story quests in the newer Swap Force, one thing is certain, it's definitely a hit.
It's a great crossover gaming product with multiple platforms supported from the IPad to the traditional consoles, what's particularly likeable is the physical toys that are used to unlock characters in the game. But since these are fairly pricy, especially considering that the amount of Skylanders you can collect now seems to be over a hundred you'll be wanting to think of two logistics: where to buy cheap Skylanders and the best ways to store them.
Price wise local Facebook networks and Ebay are always a good bet, but we've seen the lowest prices on Amazon, particularly when there are discounts. Of course just like video games second hand Skylanders characters can sometimes be found at gaming shops.
You'll be wanting a lot of  shelf support for all these great characters, but can also go down the route of buying the official storage box for them, we however have gone down the cheaper rout of buying a Skylanders Lunchbox and using that for storing the figures.

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