Tuesday 28 January 2014

Apps for entrepreneurs

If you're already a part of the start up, technology harnessing, supper efficiency fraternity known as entrepreneurs you'll probably be aware of many of thes apps. If you're not and want to be up there with the big bucks and ideas that generate hard currency then follow in serious business geeks footsteps and use your mobile technology to look beyond entertainment and to pure productivity and more.

When looking at entrepreneur apps we've given a lot of weighting to how efficient the apps are, a necessity for multitasking and effective time management.

Free Wifi Finder:  Who needs 4G when our networks rarely even provide any data connection whatsoever outside of major cities! Starting a start up? Wifi is essential and this app will help find it.

TrackMaven: Go all NSA on your rivals and let big data give a heads up on their performance. All in one neat convenient place.

EchoSign: Adobe is a trusted name so attaching their brand to an app that affirms the legality of electors ally signed documents is bound to be good for your business, when signing delays are a make or break. It also records and stores each document's history, so you have automatic audit trails.

MobileDay: use MobileDay to coordinate all of your in-person and conference call meetings. Automatic dialling and emailing is supported.

 Skitch: This Evernote add on allows superior note and pic annotations.

Mint: Financial management in app form allows you to record expenses, create budgets and get a grip of your bottom line.

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