Monday 27 January 2014

Music player app with “Hatsune Miku”

The virtual singer “Hatsune Miku” is possibly the world's first Vocaloid, a Vocal Android where a Japanese voice actress provides the character voice. The technology is part of a voice creation system “VOCALOID 2”developed by Yamaha Corporation.
Melody and lyrics input is used to create the main vocal and back chorus. Hatsune Miku is positioned as a “futuristic idol.” In a Max Headroom modernised type of way we suppose. She has also found fame with Toyota Corolla using Miku in advertisements since May 2011, and also a live concert was held for the first time outside of Japan in the same year.
As for the music app itself if you're lacking a
  jerry cantrell guitar  you can still get down with app features like:
 Selecting a song from iPhone/iPod touch, and jamming  with Miku. If the BPM is available then Miku can move to the beat of the song with varying moves.
-  users can communicate with Miku while listening to music, and if you bond,like some sort of music driven Pokemon, you can receive special presents.
- Users can enjoy changing Miku’s fashion by acquiring new hairstyles, accessories and wardrobes available at the store inside the app.  More items will be added and available in the future.
- The English version includes the additional "Harukaze" costume pack.


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