Thursday 23 January 2014

Flash in a Flash winner sees light of day

Tail Drift, Winner Of Unity’s 'Flash In A Flash' Contest Is Coming To Mobile

Attract Mode Games and Right Pedal Studios announce that Tail Drift, winner of Unity’s “Flash in a Flash” contest is finally coming to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices this year.

Tail Drift is an arcade flight racing game that challenges players to maneuver a plane along a 3D tubular track which runs below, above, around and through floating islands, hot-air balloons and other obstacles that the player must avoid to win the race.

Tail Drift won the “Flash in a Flash” contest against stiff competition and was praised by Unity for it’s creativity and fun and for showing off the amazing technology of Unity.

“It’s great to get the chance to realize the game I always wanted to, ” said Cameron Owen, creator of Tail Drift.

Tail Drift is scheduled for a 2014 release on smart phones and tablets.

You can play the demo that won Unity’s “Flash in a Flash” competition here:

About Tail Drift
Tail Drift won Unity’s “Flash in a Flash” competition back in 2012, and is an arcade racing game where the player flies along a tubular track. It a variety of features beautiful and fantastic environments to race around, over a series of different racing leagues.

Key Features:
·         Upgradeable racers.
·         Lots of tracks with unique environments.
·         Multiple racing leagues to play through.
·         Plenty of game modes, including classic racing, time trial and elimination.
·         Daily challenges with rewards.
·         Leaderboards to compete against your friends and the world.

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