Thursday 23 January 2014

Gamevil's Akasha comes to Android

GAMEVIL has launched their " unique " action MMORPG, Akasha, on Google Play

GAMEVIL has announced the release of its latest title,  Akasha, on Google Play today. The free-to-play game is an exciting new action MORPG. The devs are also responsible for Immortal Dusk and Legend of Master 3.

Akasha is a 2D, 8-directional MORPG with full network system capabilities and in-depth content. Classes available are the standard - Fighter, Archer, and Mage, dynamic action gameplay while enjoying the nostalgic feel of the classic MORPG is promised. A well thought out party-matching system should bring some longevity to the game as players can play with friends and enjoy a raiding experience on mobile. The dungeon play and original skill upgrade system and multi player raids should prove fun. We hope that stale quests like 
find a high pressure pump are avoided.

GAMEVIL know how to do promotion and Gamers who play before January 26th will receive a Beginner Support Pack and 2 limited edition 'Akashas’ which are in-game crystals that provide passive stats and bonuses.

Akasha is a third party title developed by KnetP and published by GAMEVIL through its global expansion funds. GAMEVIL and KnetP have shown exemplary synergy between developer and publisher in the past, and Akasha is expected to reignite the passion for grand-scale MORPGs on mobile once again.


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