Saturday 18 January 2014

Ingress: Operation Flatland and more

Using the Ingress Monitor for the first time abroad I really felt some sympathy for the intrepid agents(resistance or enlightened, I'm not sure), who braved the feisty and frigid winter waters around Britain to make their way to hack a portal on a remote island. Operation Flatland is testament to how much the game of Ingress has started to find its way into people's mindset. Proudly I've even hacked a few portals while abroad, which got me thinking of the Operation Flatlanders and what Ingress really needs. While I'm all up for hard core gaming (but is it really a game...) I'm having to only hack portals where there's some sort of Wifi reception. The thing is hard core or not paying about 10 pounds( 16 or so dollars) for a few minutes of international roaming day charges needed to hack is a little bit too hard core for me! So sympathy for those hacking that remote Welsh island, and not to mention the Niantic broadcast activity Ibe seen emanating from Antarctica! Can we please hack without being connected to the web!

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