Saturday 8 February 2014

How to download Minecraft Xbox User Maps

As expected Minecraft is creating quite a stir on Xboxrjust like its native version. While fully playable Minecraft on Xbox is still a slightly older version and the console itself also brings some limitations. One big limitation is the lack of ability to download other users excellent creations and go  on Adventures. Well guess what there's a way around that:
Downloading other users maps for Minecraft on Xbox 360

  1. Find a downloadable map off . Multiple sources can be found on the net
  2. Download a program called Horizon or Modio. 
  3. Start up Xbox Console go to (System Settings > Storage > HardDrive > Profile's > Your Profile > Move > Your USB 2.0 Device
  4. Open Horizon or Modio, Find your saved map that you downloaded and drag it onto horizon or modio and a window will pop up with all the profile's on the USB 2.0 device an you want to choose whatever profile is yours and then the screen will disappear wait a second and you should see a window pop up and say *MAPS NAME* has successfully been transferred to *USB 2.0 Device's name*
  5. Unplug USB 2.0 Device and return to the Xbox after you plug the device back in then go to (System Settings > Storage > *USB 2.0 Devices name* > Profile's > Your Profile > Move > *Your HDD Name*
  6. While you are still in system settings go to > Storage > *USB 2.0 Devices name* > Games and Apps > Minecraft (Xbox 360 Edition) > *MAPS NAME* > Move > *Xbox HDD name*
  7. Go back to Minecrat (Xbox 360 Edition) > Play Game > *Your HDD name* > *YOUR MAPS NAME*

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