Wednesday 5 February 2014

How to beat Flappy Bird

How do you Beat Flappy Bird?
Are you wondering what you actually need to do to win at Flappy Bird or how to get the highest score ever in this hard as nails flapathon? We proudly present our
Guide to how to get a Flappy Bird High Score

1.Use the large screen of a tablet(the bigger the better)

Better situational awareness without your thumb in the way is step one to beating this game.

2. How to flap that bird!

Quick taps rather than slow ones are the key to get you into the high score zone, it's all about rhythm !

3.How many times should I tap to clear the pipes?

After a lot of research and sore thumbs we found that the ideal way of tapping would be to tap once to twice clear a pipe.

4.Don't forget your timing 

Tapping too soon will cause Flappy Bird to just barely,but fatally, hit a pipes edge. Make sure your taps give you enough space to clear a pipe completely.

5. Well lit rooms and plenty of breaks!

Now that you're firmly in the zone you want to be at your best. This is twitch gaming to the extreme so even an eye link can cause a high score loss. If you have to blink do it between pipes! Playing in a well lit room and having breaks keeps eye strain and the dreaded blink to a minimum.

6.Be viciously competitive!

You're never going to be a winner unless you have something to compete against. Look for friends Flappy Birds high scores and try to beat them.No matter the cost!

The official list of ways to die in Flappy Bird!

And wondering what is the highest score in Flappy Bird?

The highest realistic score(ie. not clever photo shopping) is ...305

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