Wednesday 12 February 2014

Integrating Mobile Tablets:The Future of Gaming

When one tries to debate what the future of gaming will be like, it is often a discussion that can last a lifetime. With the rapid increase of technology, who knows what the next massive invention will bring to the world of gaming. I, for one, can’t wait for the virtual reality technology to be perfected, just imagine the infinite possibilities that will bring about. But keeping it a little more current, let’s turn our attention to the ever-popular mobile devices, in particular, mobile tablets. Currently when one thinks of computer gaming and mobile gaming, we view it as two different things, although, the border between the two platforms are starting to fade away. How exciting!

Mobile devices have for some time now already been used in order to take pc gaming on the move. Take a look at Blizzard Entertainment’s fantastic World of Warcraft Armoury application. This application allows one to stay forever connected, even when one dares to back away from their computer. With this app you are able to view your characters in their entirety and chat to fellow guild members. With the constant access to the Auction House, you no longer have to gamble with your gold, like on some  sites, the best deals are yours for the taking. Although apps like this have faced us in the rightdirection, they still do not have any real-time influence on the game itself.
This is where we are introduced to the next generation of gaming that perfectly integrates mobile technology with gaming, where decisions made by the tablet users have an immediate effect on the world, and influence the gameplay. Few games have these features already, but a large number of games that are set to be released this year have announced the massive roles tablet users will be playing. Battlefield 4’s new take on the Commander Mode gives us a delectable taste of what future gaming will look like. The Commander, with a large array of assets in their arsenal, has a unique bird’s eye view of the entire battlefield, playing an important role in edging their team to victory.
Ubisoft is jumping on this technology in full force with tablet gameplay being announced for two of this year’s biggest games, The Division and Watch Dogs. In The Division, players take control of a remote drone, allowing them to view the battlefield from above. With the easy to manage 3D engine, they can then spot enemies and supply allies with a number of buffs. Not all has been revealed in connection with tablet-play for Watch Dogs, although you will definitely gain access to a map with detailed information for just about every building of Chicago.
By Jason Swindon


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