Saturday 1 February 2014

Offline Voice Recognition without data

Intel is aiming for big things in the voice recognition market that could not only make Siri and the like redundant but really make Google rethink their Glass product. We'd particularly like to see how music recognition apps and the like adopt this new technology. Intels Jarvis headset's voice recognition claims to be very special. That's because of its offline support. Unlike many wearables, Jarvis can process complex voice requests without talking to a server. Combine this with something like a cool floyd rose pro   and you can clearly see how not just voice assistance but even mobile music making could be in a totally different league. Jarvis will help when there's no internet access, and will leads to faster, more natural interaction than rival apps. Intel hopes to licence it's voice recognition technology to phone manufacturers, so your handset may be the only smart device you need. 

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