Saturday 1 February 2014

The pitfalls of selling top end musical instruments on Ebay

eBay despite being the foremost and easiest marketplace for reselling is to be approached with some caution, particularly if selling a premium product with particular details such as a musical instrument. 
Take this case study for example:
A buyer further sends CASH to pay for the instrument. The instrument is boxed up and posted to an international destinationGreat Britain. Now problems can start to arise such as Different people having different opinions on what terms mean, and even more so when buyer and seller are on opposite sides of the world. In this case the buyer claimed fraud because the instrument in his opinion was in worse cosmetic condition than he had expected. Even though photographs showed the besmirchment he stated that repair costs would be far in excess of those quoted. The transaction didn't contravene any rules but reputations were harmed when bad feedback was left. A better option would be having sold his  used alto sax at wwbw. A more musical friendly way of doing business. Whichever market place you choose these are some of the considerations that should be taken into account.
  • Don't be shy with taking photos especially close up, of the entire instrument. Both sides should be represented.
  • If something does not work, be brutally honest and go into detail, even mundane factors as being out of tune: be honest about it.
  • Consider not accepting bids from buyers outside of your own country. Aside from the issues associated with currency exchange, you will also have to fill out export papers and possibly pay fees if the instrument gets returned to you.
  • Consider accepting escrow. 

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