Saturday 1 February 2014

Wikipedia adds voices for posterity project

Virtually everyone in the UK and debatedly a select few worldwide, know what Stephen Fry's iunique voice sounds like voice, but what about celebrities and others who we well know now but will in time be forgotten?  Wikipedia has recorded Stephen's voice for future generations and tagged  it to his bio page. Other icons will soon hopefully follow: "what (those folks) sound like and how they pronounce their names." Is Wiki's contribution to us remembering what the famous sound like. Only a few have jumped on the bandwagon so far :including US astronaut Charlie Duke and British peer Baron Knight of Weymouth). It's promised that soon "500 to 1,000" celebrity clips thanks to the BBC will be added. BBC hopes to gain by using the Wikipedia archive to power a real-time, open-source voice-recognition app and bolster their own voice collection. At least future generations won't be left wondering if today's celebrities sound like broken sax mouthpieces or have the voices of angels.

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