Thursday 20 February 2014

What's the best MusicId service?

I'm actually a little bit biased on the question as to which is the best music identification service. As the Sony backed Xperia Z is the current review phone (and personal phone) of choice ,I've been quite happy to use a lot of the bundled Sony apps with the phone. Their particular brand of Android has a lot of good music vibe going for it, as you'd expect from a company like Sony with a good music pedigree.
One of the bundled apps is the Gracenote powered MusicID which I've found to!be brilliant in locating most of the songs that I've flung it's way. On average using my home network I can get a return on a song Id in about ten seconds. UI wise the app fits the bill perfectly and has a lot of Google Play integration. Using more obscure devices such as a novation launchpad s makes for an interesting test which I can't quite say that MusicID matches up to. For non bundled music Id apps the stock favourites of Shazam and SoundHound also come in with strong music recognition pedigrees.


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