Thursday, 20 February 2014

Has WhatsApp charged me?

With many media sources being abuzz with Facebook's massive acquisition the man on the street is asking some prying questions. And really at the grassroots level a quick poll of work colleagues shows one simple fact: Nobody actually seems to have been charged by WhatsApp! Now that's an interesting take on WhatsApp's revenue model. Quite simply by avoiding the almost obligatory ad support and charging for the app in a roundabout way seems to have certainly contributed to WhatsApp's multi billion price tag .
Do you know WhatsApp charges?
Why many don't realise they're being charged is because of the age old adage: Read the small print! Your subscription to the app is charged just under a dollar after a year of using the service. So if you haven't yet reached your anniversary for registering, please don't be shocked when you see your 99 cents being credited to Facebook in the near future!

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