Wednesday 5 March 2014

Finding your Friv game

The Friv game culture is something that has almost passed us by on Gametrender with a lot of our gaming coming in the form of IOS or Android, but every once in a while being a game reviewer you have to explore the roots of gaming culture and what really matters at the time. The friv gaming scene(frivolous games) is the post modern answer to Flash games. With the likes of Flappy Bird literally turning the idea of what makes a good game a concept without set boundaries friv gaming is putting the jeugosinto modern games.
Stepping back temporarily into the browser world we set out on a journey to see what happened to Flash gaming when it grew up and moved away from home.
It's not hard to find a dedicated site for friv gaming , although very hard to find one that seems totally trustworthy and dubiousness free.
A nice little site that we've come across is frivver, the user interface of the home screen is simplicity itself and projects not only a trustworthy harbour for online games , but certainly doesn't seem to be a bogus online site that is going to fill my PC with bitcoin mining Trojans!
There's a huge variety of games on the site, all presented in post stamp icon size rendering all the fun a click away. Naturally eyes are drawn to the familiar and a visit to the site for many will be worthwhile by the mere fact that it serves as a portal for a decent online version of Flappy Bird. More to the point when web surfing for these online friv games we were a little lazy and set off on the journey via iPad browser. We were stunned to find that the version of Flappy Birds on Frivver was actually playable on Ipad!

Digging a little deeper and postulating we guess that the site is a combination of HTML 5 and Java based Flash gaming. That's not to mislead you as we soon had to carry on our exploration via PC as a lot of games on the IPad , as expected, didn't load up. Although, a nice feature we found was that many of these games that had their roots on the AppStore would, if not playable in the Safari browser, have a handy link to the AppStore.
On a PC the world is the frivolous game of your choice, it's hard to put an accurate figure on it, but we've seen mention of over 700 decent games on this site. Personal favourites so far include a version of Minion Rush as well as a much needed "Kill Flappy Bird" game!
The site is ad supported but these aren't obtrusive and placed with some thought in mind. The easy to use interface quickly gets you to where you want to be and if you're stuck with your choice than a simple search or category search should and will turn up a playing session of whatever duration you wish. So go home or go Friv!


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