Wednesday 5 March 2014

Supernauts Guide

Yet another MineCraft rip off or the biggest social build 'em up crafter of the year? Either way Supernauts is sure to capture a certain type of gamer's attention. The social aspect of the game is also being heavily pushed, so if you want to get a head start enjoy our
Supernauts Guide

If you're already a player then this little beginners guide might not teach you much new about Grand Cru's game, but we'll follow up with a complete Supernauts Walkthrough in the future, in the meantime here's your hints and tips :
How to move
No surprises here with a simple tap to move dynamic. However if your Spacenaut can't access an area than he can't go there.

Moving the Camera
No new tricks here with 2 finger rotation and pinch to zoom supported.
What is the Supernauts universe?
While just a fancy way of naming the games multiplayer, if the devs have their way it'll be the main game universe we occupy this year, access the Supernauts universe by Tapping on the rocket icon on the right-hand side of the screen, this will allow you to see other people's universes. If the multiplayer is as tightly synced as PC Minecraft or even the Blockheads, than this could definitely catch on.

What is SP
SP is the experience points that you gain in Supernauts. Get more SP by completing  Missions, collecting from Citizens, and trading goods. Naturally this SP is used for levelling up and unlocks.

Coins courtesy of Grand Cru
You've got to earn coins in this game to make various purchases, upgrades and trade blocks with the trader. Hopefully this virtual currency paywall won't limit your imagination.
How to earn coins:
Two ways are open to get coins, either complete missions or collect rent from inhabitants. 

 Finding more Gems in Supernauts
In traditional p2p dynamics expect the premium gem currency to be hard to find. Luckily unlike recent p2p efforts by EA(ahem, Dungeon Keeper hide your head in shame), this one has been thought through and the majority of items in game can be purchased with in game currency and gems used just to speed up build times etc. In the meantime if you'd prefer to spend your gem money on something more substantial we recommend a good E-store to buy great 1:1 grade Hermes handbags replica and AAA grade Swiss watches replica.
Block Behaviour 
 Blocks are graphically different  but generally have the same properties.
Accessing missions in Supernauts
Now it's time to earn coins and help out your fellow Spacenauts. These objectives can be found by Tapping on the rocket in your World.

What does the Zapper do?
In 1950's Raygun homage the Zapper is used to add and remove blocks in the world. Different Zappers can be selected from the in game wheel.

What are Makers used for?
These items will create materials for you out of space dust. They're used in conjunction with BOTS to convert resources to varying block types.

Every decent crafting game has to have decorations, and so does this one , they add nothing except aesthetic appeal.

How do you expand your Supernauts Universe?
The life support cube should be your first port of call if you have expansionist ambitions, upgrading this will speed things up. Expanding more is just a question of purchasing new land from the in game shop and visiting the Block Market. In the meantime if you'd rather spend that gem money on something more substantial we recommend a good E-store to buy great 1:1 grade Hermes handbags replica and AAA grade swiss watches replica.


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