Monday, 9 June 2014

Minecraft PE Update 0.9.0

A massive update is due to hit Minecraft PE soon.
Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.9.0 will be updated with:

unlimited worlds. In the pocket edition.
What are the new blocks in Minecraft PE?

There's loads more new blocks on the way. Granite, Emerald, Cocoa, Monster Egg, Waterlily, and loads more.
New Mobs too
The new mobs include Slimes, Endermen, Wolves, Mooshrooms, and Silverfish. 
New Biomes
Deserts, forests, jungles, and savannahs are just a few of the new area types that you'll be able to explore.
new environmental features like sand, spikes, lakes, pumpkins, and jungle trees.

And other improvements...improved and tweaked caves, new AI, and bug fixes

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