Saturday 14 June 2014

Productivity and app development

Apple knows a thing or two about apps , development and marketing. Thats why IOS 8 is going to bring a lot of features that make your lengthily developed apps a lot easier to find and improve your bottom line. Known features of IOS 8 will be app previews for starters. Borrowing a trick from Google Play consumers will soon be able to view a clip of an app before downloading, giving a much better idea of whether money should be invested. Discoverability will also be highlighted by Apple's big 8, but the manner in which that will occur is still undisclosed.

In effect what Apple is saying is that ten billion plus download app store is a treasure trove, a huge and intricate gold mine of unmined riches, some of which might never be discovered. Now, more than ever developers have got to take things seriously, be very business like in their approaches and seperate creativity from the bottom line.

 That's not to say that creativity and uniqueness is not still paramount, make a gem and hopefully sooner than later it will be discovered. But " hopefully" is not good business sense. The likes of Zynga, Chillingo et al are not the big money spinners that they are because of a cross your fingers and hope attitude


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