Sunday, 30 November 2014

Criminal Case, a pretty simply good Hidden Object mobile game

Criminal Case is a good Hidden Object game. How good you ask? It was voted the Best Facebook Game of 2013, before Candy Crush.

Since last August, Criminal Case can be enjoyed on the go, at least on iOS; a Android release is planned for January 2015.

So, what is a "Hidden Object Game"? A HOG has nothing to do with porcines and all to do with observation, keen eyesight and memory. Criminal Case follows the classic formula: a series of tableaus stock-full of small details is presented to the player and some of those details, as listed in game, have to be clicked.

Criminal Case also includes some alternate forms of gameplay, like "Spot the differences", puzzles, and timed attack stages. In-between observing crime scenes, the player has to wait for the lab's results on clues they found at those scenes or by sifting through miscellaneous items.

Nothing revolutionary, but all very well assembled, so it is a breeze to grasp and play. If you're a fan of HOG, don't pass up Criminal Case.

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  1. Criminal Case is indeed the best hidden object game I've ever played.Storyline,graphics and general smoothness of game play are flawlessly consolidated with the well however retention and vitality mechanics,which have propelled the title into an astounding growth.Yet the big question is the way Criminal Case will do on mobile.

    ~Sally Cunningham.


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