Thursday, 11 December 2014

Clash of Clans December 2014 Christmas Update

Supercell has given us another early Christmas present in the form of their now expected annual Christmas Clash of Clans update. There are a few changes, and of course the normal Christmas 2014 winterising of the Village ,with the usual snow and gem bearing gift trees.

What is in the 2014 Clash of Clans Christmas Update?
Most significantly the Giant has now been capped to level 7! I've been finding him underpowered for a while so we'll see how the new half gold armoured level 7 Clash giant fares. When I've got a spare 7 million elixer to upgrade him that is...
And what better way to get that elixir than by a new max gold and elixir collector level. That's right if your Clash of Clan's addiction has become costly now you'll be able to farm more quickly with a raised collector cap. And for a very cheap upgrade price too. A mere 336 thousand gold or elixir nets you a fully upgraded collector(if they were max level already of course). This part of the Holiday Clash of Clans update is most welcome and should grease the wheels of war at a much better rate. You can also look forward to updated archer towers which halve their damage but double their capacity allowing targetting of much bigger enemy swarms. Now while you're waiting around sharpenning your lap steel you can also admire your villages destruction while it happens!But also look forward to many more ways to plan your village with an enhanced draft village layout tool.Have a Clashtastic Christmas.


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