Monday 28 November 2011

11-11-11 Now consigned to the backpage of history

So 11-11-11 has come and gone, we're not at the backpage of the history books yet (perhaps that' saved for 2012!) Prior to the end of the world day (what's the 11-11-11 significance anyway, it's an arbitrarily defined date in the calendar which is a human construct, surely metaphysical forces don't parlay with scientists and theologians who have randomly changed our calendar over the years-in fact the addition of a leap year itself only took place a few centuries ago-so that 11-11-11 wouldn't have even taken place on the day it did if the calendar had remained the same throughout the centuries!) Well even an 11-11-11 movie is in the pipeline (by the way whose end of the world date do we conform to anyway does the world start ending in Japan and then make its way to America? And what about if my watch is set slightly off, do I get my own personal Armageddon?

Such was the hysteria surrounding the fateful day that National Escort Agency Cityvibe reported a roaring trade ,the Greek God of love, Eros , certainly stalked the streets that night  albeit in a paid for form! Cityvibe will tell you more about that,being a family friendly website we shan't say any more! (Not to be confused with CityVibe on the appstore though which gives you nice, and interesting family information.)

As a little aside if you really do want to find free love than you could do no worse than looking at the Craigslist app : Craigslist Notification for Android which will notify you of any listings of interest to you, including any type of Eros related action!

So back to that fateful day then: How can your Smartphone prepare you for any other end of the world scenarios?
Well since the 11 November 2011 has been rude enough not to have brought about the end of the world you can look forward to the next predicted, end of the world as we know it date 21 December 2012 (they could at least wait until after Christmas!) End of the World Countdown for Android will help you to count down the days until 21/12/2012 (Ooh lot's of twos in there it's got to happen for sure then!)
The Geek shall inherit the Earth!

Of course when that end of the world date also comes and goes without anything happening you could always turn your hand to fortune telling yourself and come up with your own mystical world's end date with this handy Fortune Telling App for Android: Fortune Teller for Android

Keep on gaming until then!

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